Is warming up helpful or harmful?
Dr. Mercola’s research on this may surprise you
This article also covers High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it’s benefits
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Dr. Mercola writes, “In 2007, one of the first studies on cooling down was published.1 The finding? Cooling down for 10 minutes after a workout had no impact on delayed-onset muscle soreness. Even though more than half a decade has passed, these results have yet to translate into practice, as most people are still under the impression that a cool down is beneficial.”

He continues, “Yet, newer research also suggests that the choice to cool down is simply one of personal preference – not one that will drastically impact your recovery. For instance:

Cooling down after performing strenuous forward lunges had no impact on muscle pain the next day among active adults; those who cooled down had the same amount of pain as those who did not2
Cooling down after soccer practice had no impact on performance, flexibility or muscle soreness the next day among professional soccer players3, 4
While it appears unlikely that cooling down has any real benefit in your post-workout recovery, muscle pain or next-day performance, it may help prevent the buildup of blood in your veins, which can lead to dizziness or fainting.”

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