At Genetic Synergy, we train differently. We start by understanding your goals, from professional athlete training programs to body building competition training to people that just generally want to look and feel better, no goal is ranked higher than another with us. Unlike other gyms you may have tried, our coaches have backgrounds in many sports and disciplines to bring you the best match of activity for your goal. Genetic Synergy brings all components of your personalized workout (weights, biking, swimming, yoga, cardio, plyometrics, spinning, etc.) into an organized, comprehensive training program. This creates a synergy of all parts being greater than the whole to optimize your performance!


Personalized Fitness

Our bodies and minds aren’t stagnant! We are continually evolving and transitioning into new phases of our lives (i.e. physical changes, new jobs, family schedules). Leveraging a variety of advanced fitness techniques, we’ll work with you to customize a workout/training program that not only allows you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals but also evolves with YOU as you move through all of life’s phases.

Group Classes

You don’t have to go it alone! We offer small group fitness classes to ensure you are getting the personalized attention you need to improve your training, but the added energy and encouragement you crave from working out with your peers.

Camps & Workshops

Want to really target a specific area or jumpstart your fitness training? Our camps and workshops are a great time to dive into the Genetic Synergy way of training. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming classes or training camps.

You’re not one-dimensional, neither should your training be.


Charlie Chase
Charlie ChaseOwner/Lead Trainer
My athletic background is rooted in strength training and yoga. Over the past thirty-plus years it has been awesome to train a variety of people, from musicians to professional and nationally ranked athletes. Being an iPEC Certified Health and Wellness Coach, an Energy Leadership Coach, and a Life Coach has enabled me to help each individual with their personal growth. These skills have helped me develop a variety of yoga classes, co-found the Steamboat Movement Festival, direct and organize power lifting meets, develop and teach strength and fitness classes as well as yoga at Colorado Mountain College, and create a variety of sports specific strength training and yoga programs.

Spiritual growth and physical fitness best describe my continuing journey. Creating a place where people of all levels, beginner to expert, can come to help and support each other while meeting or going beyond their dreams is my passion! This atmosphere helps me connect with each person, guiding them to reach their goals and find a deep inner sense of joy and peace.
Genetic Synergy is a unique approach to your training by designing and integrating all aspects of your workout (Strength, Conditioning, Core, Cardio, Plyo, Yoga and Nutrition) into a balanced program for you. Whether you are training for a professional season or working out for yourself, Genetic Synergy works with the strengths and weaknesses of your individual DNA structure to create your optimal performance.


Ashley Selzler
Ashley SelzlerTrainer/Swim Coach
Ashley has been a competitive athlete her whole life. She has over 30 years experience in swimming (competitively in USS in Houston, TX) and has lived a life of fitness. Ashley is passionate about consistency, laughter and trying new things. Most recently she won three 1st Place trophies at her initial NPC/Axis Labs Northern Colorado Physique Competition, Bikini Class, April 8, 2017. Ashley’s unique athletic and Information Technology background, along with her compassion to see others succeed, bring an exceptional trainer and person to the GeneticSynergy team.
*Bio written by Lead Trainer Charlie Chase.
Dr. Paige Roberts
Dr. Paige RobertsLSW, BSP III Sports Psych, Brain Spotting, Laser Healing
Dr. Paige Roberts is a sports and fitness enthusiast. She uses sports psychology, brainspotting, and hot & cold photobiomodulation laser healing to provide sports injury intensive recovery sessions, and sports and life performance coaching. Her current practice combines a variety of techniques including clinical social work, exercise and neuroscience, and health and wellness lifestyle coaching. Paige is available to work with clients both locally in the Seattle region, and globally via long distance sessions. She is currently assisting athletes all over the world in reaching their full sports and life performance potential!
Courtney VanTubbergen
Courtney VanTubbergen Nutritional Health Coach
Courtney received her Nutrition Therapy Practitioner diploma from Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. Her interest in holistic and natural living began right out of high school when she completed an internship on a biodynamic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm in Wisconsin. Since then, she has surrounded herself with holistic practitioners and healers in various capacities, including an internship with a Naturopathic Doctor. She is most passionate about educating younger generations so they are able to grow into healthy, sustainable, gentle adults with a foundational understanding of our interconnectedness with others and the planet. In her free time, you can find her playing in the mountains with her two small children or perhaps riding her bike to some far away summit.
Alicia McLeod
Alicia McLeod Nutritional Health Coach
Alicia McLeod graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Administration. She went on to acquire a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University in California. Alicia has worked in various capacities in the healthcare field, from weight loss to senior nutrition. Most recently she was the nutritionist for an international company, overseeing supplement research and development, quality control, and, most rewardingly, customer education. She now works at Natural Grocers in Steamboat Springs as the Nutritional Health Coach, where she provides one-on-one health coaching sessions for customers and teaches group classes on a variety of topics, ranging from heart health and exercise performance to how to cook paleo pancakes. Alicia’s passion is to help people take responsibility for their wellness and move towards vibrant health – mind, body and spirit. When not in the Natural Grocers store, you can find her hiking the mountains – or skiing if there is snow!
Nicki Silverman
Nicki SilvermanFunctional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
Nicki Silverman is a knowledgeable & charismatic movement coach with 12+ years of teaching & training experience. Initially beginning her journey as a full-time yoga instructor in Nashville, then Maui, then to Los Angeles where she owned a studio & taught a diverse offering of movement classes for beginner movers to elite athletes. She utilizes her skill sets from 1000+ hours of certified yoga and hand balance training, and is the only certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and Handstand Coach in Northwest Colorado. She is able to see bodies move in a unique way and can tailor exercises to meet any goal. You will attain more knowledge about how you move naturally & what to do to keep moving well when training with her.
Douglas Kenyon, DC
Douglas Kenyon, DCChiropractor
I am a 1986 graduate of Northwestern Chiropractic College. The Yampa Valley has been my home sine 2005. My focus over the last 30 plus years in practice, has been on the balance of nutritional, emotional and structural influences on overall health. My unique blend of chiropractic techniques and manual therapy, including Applied Kinesiology, Total Body Modification and Functional Neurology, can improve balance and stability, increase range of motion, reduce pain and optimize athletic performance.
Shannon Hanley
Shannon HanleyGolf Coach
Shannon Hanley is a Class “A” PGA and LPGA certified golf instructor. She has an extensive playing background as a collegiate scholarship athlete and playing professional. Shannon competed on the European Tour, Ladies Asian Tour and The Futures Tour. She is currently the Director of Instruction at Haymaker Golf Course. Shannon is the owner of “Change Your Numbers,” a golf performance studio in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Her program for peak performance in golf and life incorporates a holistic approach and includes club fitting, nutrition, yoga, strength, flexibility and physical and mental technique. Shannon is also the high school girls Golf Coach at SSHS. When she is not busy teaching she can often be seen around Steamboat with her Vizsla, Harley.
Jon Freckleton DO
Jon Freckleton DOOsteopathic Physician // Coach
Dr. Jon Freckleton is a Board Certified Family Physician and lifetime coach and athlete. He began his athletic carrier as a cyclist and Nordic skier, which led Dr. Freckleton to multiple international competitions and a year in Norway. After medical school, Dr. Freckleton was pleased to see what a powerful collection of skills he had acquired. He could now not only help his athletes train properly, he could dramatically shorten injury-healing time, as well as relieve everyday ailments such as depression, asthma and pain through acupuncture, osteopathy and nutrition. Dr. Freckleton’s unique combination of training in Eastern medicine and athletic ability has enabled him to effect tremendous improvements in the overall performance of his athletes.

Simply put, Dr. Freckleton’s athletes continually thrive and discover untapped potential.