What is it that is preventing so many from losing weight? Why can some people eat anything and not gain weight, while others are working out 5 to 6 days each week, eating clean diets and can’t lose the extra weight?

The underlying issue, according to medical medium Anthony William, is liver health. Our liver processes everything we put into our bodies, from the good to the bad. This means our liver takes years and years of abuse that eventually builds up. From diet to stress, our liver is our main line of defense.

The result? A problematic liver, which is commonly manifested as a “fatty liver”. This condition is the direct result of a depletion in the liver’s glucose reserves. Simply stated, the liver is experiencing a sugar deficiency. Depending on lifestyle choices and stressors, this can occur at a different age for each individual.

William’s stresses that once we take care of our liver, anyone can begin to lose weight. But in order for this to happen, glucose levels must be restored back to the liver. The key to this is balance. However, William’s provides several dietary choices that will provide significant impacts.

First, lower or reduce animal proteins in your diet. A fatty liver doesn’t come from eating sugar, it comes from eating fats. In addition to a reduction in animal protein, eliminate harmful oils and fried foods. These include; canola, safflower, peanut, cottonseed and lard. Second, remove dairy products from your diet.

The goal is to restore glucose to the liver and the best way to do this is through fruit. William’s encourages a diet that embraces the healthy sugars found in fruit. By reducing fats from animals and oils, the body will be able to more effectively take on these sugars. In addition to glucose, key minerals must be replenished back to the liver. This can be achieved through a diet rich in foods such as: spinach, cilantro, raspberries, wild blueberries, kiwi, cucumber, grapefruits and sweet potatoes.

If you are someone who leads a very active lifestyle, it is integral to be choosing a diet of fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium, sugars and minerals.

William’s also suggests incorporating several supplements into a daily routine. These include: reishi mushroom powder to activate our lymphatic system and wake up the liver, wheat grass powder to promote an alkaline system and re-mineralize the liver and probiotics to contribute to healthy digestion.

The liver, is our first line of defense. By restoring glucose levels back to the liver, weight loss can be achieved. This starts with diet choices rich in sugars and minerals, and low in animal and oil fats. For more information and suggested supplement products visit www.medicalmedium.com/archive/weightloss