Have you heard this one?  “I’m not where I want to be so I’m going to the gym everyday now”
Our straight line thinking says “More is Better”.  Now if you’re not doing a regular exercise program then this doesn’t apply. You can start a program right in your home for free!   Check out this website  http://www.bodyrock.tv/2013/10/07/30-day-i-real-time-challenge-1/

Ok, back to the point. For those who regularly exercise; particularly those experiencing a plateau, when we over exercise our body stress apms up, which keeps our cortisol levels too high.   Why do we care? Cortisol is known as the “Stress” hormone.   When it’s kept too high our bodies store fat instead of build muscle.  Yes, that’s true!  We are actually making happen just the opposite of our goals.   So what’s the answer?  Recovery time.  When we do an intense training we also need serious recovery time.  Listen to your body.  Let the stress levels drop.  Then go back and train hard again.  I know, this sounds like just the opposite of what we should do, but it’s true.  So, instead of adding more exercise, add more recovery time.