Hey! How’s it going today? How do you feel?
Are you having one of those great days that no matter what everything goes awesome?
Or one of those days that just fall apart with each step.
We all get those, but why?

One reason is the solar effect on all of us. We can’t see it, smell it, hear, taste or touch it, but it’s there, tugging on us.
We all are aware of the moon phases. And we’ve heard stories of how busy emergency rooms are during a full moon. There is reality in this and we are affected. There is also another moon phase that pulls on our chemistry and emotions. The declination cycle; the moon’s latitude above or below the equator. Along with our bodies own cycles, these two moon cycles help create our great days, as well as contribute to those low ones.

Over the years I’ve observed and tracked these along with how people feel in general as well as how athletes perform on training days and events. In general, during waxing moons, we are more energetic and positive. Waning moons can slow us down. We also have more energy while the moon hovers over the equator. By combining these moon events with a persons’ own cycles I created and use an indicator called the Training Quotient or TQ. The TQ not only helps the trainer understand more about the athletes’ performance on a particular day, but also helps both trainer and athlete with the physiological side by giving perspective on up and down days.

Next time you’re off doing your favorite thing, check where the moon is and how you’re feeling. You may be surprised.